Wait... Who the Hell Are You?

Glad you asked! My name is Matt, also known as your friendly neigborhood orCODstra. I like to play music and video games. A few years ago, I decided to combine them into funny music/gaming YouTube videos.

As a result, I'm here now. I'm the owner of the Brennan Multimedia Group LLC. I use my experience as an internet personality to learn more about marketing and online business strategies. Me and my business deal heavily with Website Development, Internet Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Coordination, and pretty much anything else on the internet!

I'm a huge supporter of the online gaming community, which is where I pretty much live on the internet. Whether you're here to get an epic website, or because you've seen me on YouTube, I hope you enjoy your experience here!

If you're looking for an epic website, I've got your back. I single-handedly work on sites from a project-to-project basis. I code everything from scratch, personalized for your needs.

I have a passion for web development. Most people say that because it's all they know how to do. I say it because I literally design websites to relax in my free time.

Because of that passion, I can design basic websites in less that 48 hours, and full-sized service websites within a week. Regardless, there's no limit to what you can do with websites, so I'm excited to take on projects of any size!