Unconventional Gaming

Who is orCODstra?

My name's Matt. I started playing piano when I was about 8 years old. I took professional lessons for about two years, and after learning the basics of it, I decided to learn on my own. I've never liked the "traditional" way of playing piano. Hell, I've never really liked the traditional way of anything. Anyways, instead of learning theory and reading sheet music, I decided to take up improv, or just playing things off the top of my head.

Years later, I got interested in gaming. While developing an obsession with the Call of Duty franchise, I started watching YouTube videos on the games. I was particularly interested in "trolling", which was all the rage at the time. I was inspired by those videos to start a series of my own on YouTube!

I started thinking of what I could do. Keeping in mind that my two biggest hobbies were gaming and playing the piano, I thought it might be fun to go into Call of Duty game sessions and provide everybody with a piano concert. The concept was designed to annoy people, but it backfired. People ended up enjoying it and it's developed into a series I'm still creating today called "Call of Duty: Piano Improv"!

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